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Nameberry: Saints’ Names: Patrons of the Augustine, Cecilia, Clare and Celestine

In the pantheon of Catholic patron saints, we find protectors of counties and cities, of living things ranging from caterpillars to wolves, not to mention those who guard against conditions… Click to Continue »

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10 things you won’t want to be without during labor

Well, gals – for those of you creeping up on the big day, I applaud you. If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably spending hours online searching anything and everything under the sun about pregnancy, labor and how to care for a newborn. You’ve probably given up on trying to hide your Internet research […]

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Nameberry: French baby names

In the past few weeks, you’ve seen our predictions for the rising names in the U.S., and the forecast of what will be 2013′s most popular in the U.K.; today we look to France’s upcoming stars. To check out the latest trends in French baby names, we turn once again to our go-to expert, Stephanie […]

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Why I rented maternity clothes

Expensive and unflattering – that’s been my general finding while shopping for maternity clothes. So I’ve been subsisting the past few months on rental maternity wear from MineForNine.com. It’s a novel idea: The site stocks a respectable selection of current-season maternity dresses, tops and pants/skirts by makers you find in boutiques and nicer retail stores […]

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‘Princess Pregnancy’ an unglamorous, miserable, deeply rewarding condition

Thirty-one years ago, my daughter, Zoe, was born. I was ecstatic. But it wasn’t just about the baby. I was almost as excited to mark the end of the most miserable nine months of my life – or, as it will be known from this point forward, the Princess Pregnancy. (Kate is actually a duchess; […]

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The stork has landed

They’ve had the nursery set up for two years. The white crib with the soft green blanket hanging over the side stands by the window. Wooden cutouts of smiling farm animals – a pig, a sheep and a cow – hang on the wall. A needlepoint pillow that her mother made sits in the rocking […]

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Older women bucking trend of fewer births

The Great Recession has been tough on the baby business. Just ask obstetrician Ruth Haskins, a private practitioner in Folsom, Calif., who along with her colleagues has seen a dramatic drop in recent years in the number of women scheduling appointments for prenatal care. Or business owner Kerri Kaye, whose upscale Sacramento, Calif.-area Starlight Starbright […]

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New Moms: How much help will you need and how much is too much?

Sure, you can do it all, but you shouldn’t – you need to rest and heal during baby’s first weeks. Here’s how to get others to lend a hand. When I was pregnant with twins, my husband and I were trying to figure out what help we’d need when our babies came home. Other moms […]

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Social media changes the way pregnancy information is shared

You’re in labor. Is there an app for that? There ought to be, based on the information gleaned through a new survey of more than 1,000 pregnant women conducted by American Baby magazine and Good Books, publisher of the “Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.” Fifty-one percent of respondents planned to record the birth […]

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Safe pregnancy exercises

Expecting and want to stay healthy? Keep these fitness tips in mind before hitting the gym. For most women, exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, it’s highly recommended – especially if you’ve already been working out. Here are a few basic dos and don’ts: DO… Dress comfortably: If it’s easier to move around, injuries […]

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Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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