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Fall/Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Central Valley

This week I had the opportunity to attend the fabulous Central California Woman’s Conference. After working the Central Valley Moms booth. I sat in on a session titled “GET YOUR HANDS IN THE SOIL – SUCCESSFUL GARDENING IN THE CENTRAL VALLEY.”  taught by Dr. Cynthia Eayre who teaches Biology and Horticulture at Fresno City College, and gardening […]

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DIY Outdoor Curtains from Drop Cloths

Here is a great weekend DIY project idea I recently completed on our patio. I wanted to accomplish an outdoor “cabana” feel with some additional shade  for this seating area and outdoor fabric can be very expensive. It is dry enough here in the Central Valley to use simple inexpensive  canvas drop cloths from the […]

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salsa garden

Plant your own salsa garden

  Do you love to make your own homemade salsa? I enjoy it and my hubby is always requesting it. I recently started growing tomatoes for the first time in my backyard and decided to plant a potted garden with ingredients especially for salsa making! Growing herbs and veggies in pots is also a great […]

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Get creative with succulents

My latest obsession is succulents. Not only are they pretty, but they require little water and not a ton of work. They are perfect for sunny central valley weather and I planted some this weekend in my own backyard. I also love that you can clip off pieces and they can regrow or propagate in […]

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planting aTomato garden

Growing a First Time Garden

Our backyard hasn’t really been a priority since we moved here in August. It’s pretty plain with a small covered area, some grass, trees, and a flower bed that has sat empty. The kids spend lots of time out here so my ultimate goal is to give it some much needed attention and create a […]

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herb garden

DIY Stacked Herb Garden

Hooray for a small finished outdoor project! I’m on a mission to spruce up our back yard which has had no attention to it since we moved here. I adore herb gardens! They are so cute and useful at the same time. Here is mine from last year, however I didn’t keep up with trimming […]

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flower arranging

Simple Flower Arranging Tips

Once in a while I like to treat myself to fresh flowers for my nightstand or kitchen table. I usually just throw them in a vase and don’t think about the arrangement…until now. Last Spring I was fortunate to get to attend a fun conference especially for creative /DIY decorating type bloggers.It was held at […]

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Keith Davey Pistache

Brilliant Fall Color

Oh Goody!  The leaves are turning—pretty pretty pretty.  Or if you prefer (like one of my grower friends) the chlorophyll is leaving the foliage, thus revealing the various colors.  Brilliant! People rave about the fall colors of New England.  Truth be told, there are many wonderful trees with brilliant fall color that don’t  require the […]

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Garden reaps more than veggies

This was the summer of kale in the backyard. Pole beans, too, grew out of the dirt into tendrils that wrapped along the fence, produced pink flowers that ultimately, magically, produced purple pods with fresh new beans inside.Rosemary and lavender, thyme and oregano, sage and mint and parsley grew out of window boxes on the […]

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Once Upon Your Garden, The Little Villains Must Die

Once upon a time… in some unsuspecting chick’s backyard, there lived a  Very Very Hungry Caterpillar…. What’s eating your precious plants in the garden?  Chances are, this time of year, it’s caterpillars.  Those boogers are out with a vengeance.  The leaves look like Swiss cheese, or worse yet, they’ve been stripped to the stem. Caterpillars […]

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