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Making Money and Clearing Space

Does it feel like the walls of your kid’s room are closing in on you? Have toys invaded the living room and refuse to be harnessed by any organizer available? Then we might be in the same boat! (Just message me, we can grab a coffee and lament together!) As the kids headed back to […]

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The Fine Art of Couponing – Step One: Menu Planning

When people hear of couponing, they either think about the $.35 off two boxes of cereal, or the crazy people on the reality tv show—which is really NOT reality. I’m here to debunk these myths and share a few pointers on saving money. It’s a process, so let’s start at the beginning. This is a […]

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FREE Family Events are ALWAYS FUN!

Yes, I am that “Fresno Couponing Girl;” but that does not mean we only save money couponing. Sometimes you need to look for free, fun, family things to do in town. Let’s face it, we all need to have fun and if the only way we know how to have fun is by spending money, […]

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Santa Claus

Refocusing Christmas

How did you do on saving money this Christmas? Did you blow your budget? Are you dreading the arrival of bills in your mailbox instead of holiday cards? We are raising three munchkins on a pretty tight budget. Here are a few things our family did this year to help refocus our Christmas: Each year, […]

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Support Local Businesses and Save Money

Earlier this season, Heather Hilscher from the Facebook group: Fresno Frugal Finds tossed out an idea. She wanted to support local small businesses, artisans, and independent consultants in the valley, while still saving money Christmas shopping. She began by inquiring on her Facebook group page and sought out businesses willing to offer deals to her […]

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Question of the Day

Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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