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Get creative with succulents

My latest obsession is succulents. Not only are they pretty, but they require little water and not a ton of work. They are perfect for sunny central valley weather and I planted some this weekend in my own backyard. I also love that you can clip off pieces and they can regrow or propagate in […]

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Mom’s day wishes on Facebook?

The nice folks at Facebook just called me with these facts for moms on Mother’s Day and to let me know that 13% plan to wish mom a good Mother’s Day on the site. Thirteen seems to be an important number because that’s also the age child that’s most likely to connect with mom on […]

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Books for Boys

I ran across this great list of books for boys not too long ago. Go figure, the list was right here on Central Valley Moms,  but it was kinda tucked away, so I thought I’d post it here in case you missed it.  BOOKS FOR BOYS An excellent way for young men to exercise their […]

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Summer Camps!

We here at Central Valley Moms heard of a few summer camps, saw a few more being talked about on our Facebook page and decided to compile a completely non-comprehensive list of camps in and around the Fresno area. If you know of more camps – or are hosting a camp – just comment here […]

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Attention Moms: Hush already

Parenting is hard. It is hard work to have that much responsibility, to get children ready for school in the morning, to be there to help with homework at night and to be there when there’s a nose — or other part — that needs cleaning. Children, by sheer design, are messy and funny and […]

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lauren and sophia

Proud Mama

This weekend, Feb. 18, to be exact, will be two years since my bilateral mastectomy. Two years I might not have had. Two years in which so much has happened: some bad, some sad, some downright ugly. But I don’t want to go there. I’d rather focus on the amazing things I’ve been a part […]

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Making Money and Clearing Space

Does it feel like the walls of your kid’s room are closing in on you? Have toys invaded the living room and refuse to be harnessed by any organizer available? Then we might be in the same boat! (Just message me, we can grab a coffee and lament together!) As the kids headed back to […]

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Celebrate every day

I’ve been wrong this whole time. I thought every day was Chocolate Cake Day. Comes to find out that nope, it is actually Jan. 27. And much to my displeasure, I totally missed National Peanut Butter Day, Jan. 24, and National Pie Day the day before. There could have been much celebrating. But I missed […]

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Wet Weather? Play Together!!

With the first big rain since November, what are your plans for the day? Whatever you do, spend time together! Here are some suggestions: Observe. Open the blinds and watch the rain together. I know it sounds corny, but sometimes I just enjoy watching the rain…. with a cup of hot chocolate and my fuzzy pink […]

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Local Food Truck in National Competition

Have you paid any attention to the Food Truck craze? Did you know we have our own organic Food Truck here in Fresno? Dusty Buns Bistro Bus is perhaps one of the most popular Food Trucks in the Fresno area. Not only does this truck (bus) have a growing following, they are getting attention in […]

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Question of the Day

Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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