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Proud Mama

This weekend, Feb. 18, to be exact, will be two years since my bilateral mastectomy. Two years I might not have had. Two years in which so much has happened: some bad, some sad, some downright ugly. But I don’t want to go there. I’d rather focus on the amazing things I’ve been a part […]

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Duck Soup: Experience ruffles feathers

My daughter was just a small child when she knew she wanted to be a “vegetarian.” She’d tell anyone who asked. What she really was trying to say was “veterinarian,” but it always came out “vegetarian.” She was the kid who always took home the class pet during school vacations, had to visit the pet […]

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Insurance worth every penny

The number of young Americans ages 19-25 lacking health insurance has shrunk by 2.5 million since President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul took effect in September 2010, it was reported this week. As long as we could prove my daughter was still in school, my company insurance would cover her (with me contributing to the […]

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Question of the Day

Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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