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Mom’s day wishes on Facebook?

The nice folks at Facebook just called me with these facts for moms on Mother’s Day and to let me know that 13% plan to wish mom a good Mother’s Day on the site. Thirteen seems to be an important number because that’s also the age child that’s most likely to connect with mom on […]

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Books for Boys

I ran across this great list of books for boys not too long ago. Go figure, the list was right here on Central Valley Moms,  but it was kinda tucked away, so I thought I’d post it here in case you missed it.  BOOKS FOR BOYS An excellent way for young men to exercise their […]

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Summer Camps!

We here at Central Valley Moms heard of a few summer camps, saw a few more being talked about on our Facebook page and decided to compile a completely non-comprehensive list of camps in and around the Fresno area. If you know of more camps – or are hosting a camp – just comment here […]

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Attention Moms: Hush already

Parenting is hard. It is hard work to have that much responsibility, to get children ready for school in the morning, to be there to help with homework at night and to be there when there’s a nose — or other part — that needs cleaning. Children, by sheer design, are messy and funny and […]

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Celebrate every day

I’ve been wrong this whole time. I thought every day was Chocolate Cake Day. Comes to find out that nope, it is actually Jan. 27. And much to my displeasure, I totally missed National Peanut Butter Day, Jan. 24, and National Pie Day the day before. There could have been much celebrating. But I missed […]

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Doctor or princess?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Ask an average group of 10- to 12-year-olds in theUnited States, and more than one in four will say famous athlete or singer/actor. Pose the same question to their counterparts in the developing world and professions requiring a college education, like teaching and medicine, top […]

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It is soup season!

I’m cold. Seriously, seriously cold. I know I shouldn’t complain about being cold. I live in California, where the sun is shining and the only white stuff I’ve seen this winter has been fog. But I can’t help it. I’m cold. And that means I’ve got a serious soup craving. There’s nothing quite like warming […]

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Creative New Year

Here are two ideas for bringing in the New Year with a little DIY style. Sweet Sugarbelle What better way to celebrate 2012 than with cookies inspired by cookie expert Sweet Sugarbelle? If you’re not familiar with her blog, go — right now — and check it out. This blog is a virtual cookie lover’s […]

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Coping with Christmas without children

It is the first work day after Christmas. Things should start to get back to normal now – and I’m glad. Don’t get me wrong. I loved all of my presents. I loved the rich food and conversation of family and friends. I loved listening to my favorite radio station as it transitioned to Christmas […]

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Christmas break with the kiddos… look no further than Pinterest for inspiration

The last school bell of the year has sounded. The kids are all yours for a few weeks. Sure, there are a couple holidays in there, but it mark my words. It won’t be too long until you hear the words, “I’m bored!” There’s a solution out there. And it is free, gloriously free. And […]

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Question of the Day

Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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