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Holiday Christmas Hand Print & Photo Canvas Art

Today I’m sharing some easy holiday canvas art I recently completed with my kids.
I started out with four 8×8 blank canvases from the craft store. They were a few dollars a piece.
I mixed both acrylic and latex paints I already had in this project because I don’t think it matters.
I painted one canvas red and one blue.
When they were dry, I had my daughter do one hand print in white.
And my son did two brown hand prints (one facing up and one facing down).
We embellished his reindeer with eyes, a pom pom nose, and tiny bells across the neck with hot glue.


I painted a hat with white paint on Santa and used her finger prints for the brim and top of his hat. We painted pink cheeks and black eyes.
They were proud of their work…. :)
I wanted to do hand prints on canvas so that I can reuse it again year after year.
So many times they come home with cute hand print projects on paper and that’s hard to keep forever :)
 I decided to use Mod Podge and a favorite Christmas photo of my kids in their holiday pjs to create a photo canvas.
I had a 8×10 picture printed at Walgreen’s and cut it down to the 8×8.
All you have to do is paint Mod Podge on the back of the photo and the canvas. Lay it down and smooth it out. Then do a few separate coats on top. It dries clear.
 Paint the sides of the canvas red. That’s it!
My last canvas I embellished a couple red headbands and hairbow of my daughter’s :)

 Oh also I hung ribbon vertical on my wall with thumb tacks and then hung the canvases with push pins.

 Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you a beautiful holiday week,

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  1. Cute artwork, you have wonderful kids.. :)

    • Jamee Stapp