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Transitioning Your Baby’s Room to Suit His Big-Kid Mentality

While it won’t scar your preschooler for life if his room is too babyish, the constant complaining from your tiny tot could do irreparable damage to your last nerve. It’s not rare for new parents to drag their feet on updating the child’s room, but be warned — once your tot has his first play date at the home of a forward-thinking mom, your procrastination days are over.

The Big-Kid Bed

Your baby is not a baby any more. Taking down the crib is often a tearful moment for fledgling parents. Make the transition to the big-kid bed easier on both you and your little one by opting for a toddler bed with an exciting and innovative design and building the new room around it. A bed that was built with a toddler in mind must adhere to a strict set of safety guidelines, including low-to-the-floor construction and bed rails that keep new sleepers from rolling out in the middle of the night. The one drawback to using a bed this size is that you’ll still need to invest in another bed — twin size or larger — just a few months to a year down the road.

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If you decide to forego the toddler bed all together and transition your child directly to a twin-sized bed, invest in an affordable set of bed rails to prevent falls in the middle of the night.

Big-Kid Storage

As sad as it is to pack up the crib, most parents have no qualms setting the changing table out with the yard sale goods. The only drawback here is that often the changing table was also an excellent storage solution. Luckily, it’s easy to find suitable storage options for toddlers who are transitioning into preschoolers.

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Colorful plastic bins, modular wall units that feature cubes and cubbies, and child-sized dressers or wardrobes (bolted to the wall, of course) all add functional, attractive storage to a kid’s room. Take down the stuffed animal hammocks and drag those baby-blue canvas bins to the consignment shop. Your baby is now a kid, and he needs room to store his toys.

Big-Kid Window Treatments

The fabrics that you use pack a big punch in a small space like a kid’s room. Take down the jungle safari curtains and opt for something a bit more sophisticated like colorful roller shades. This type of window treatment can be matched to any decor. Roller shades come in an array of styles — light-blocking, light-emitting and even solar — to add privacy to your tot’s room without adding fluff.

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Plain, modern window treatments like these grow with your child as he moves through milestones, and they’re easy to coordinate with any room decor.

Big-Kid Accessories

The last factor to keep in mind when transitioning your baby’s room into his big-kid kingdom is to create a space that accurately reflects his individual personality. Sprinkle special toys throughout the room and make space for his favorite activities. If you have a budding artist on your hands, add a tot-sized art station or easel. If your emerging preschooler is all about the dance, mount a simple barre and mirror to the wall and drape a pair of ballet flats over the door knob. Sometimes, a single, impactful wall sticker is all it takes to give your aging youngster a room that he never wants to leave.

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