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Enjoy the flavors of the holiday season

McCormick has some easy tips for how to savor everyone’s favorite flavors of the holidays, the season’s top seven flavors – pumpkin spice, ginger, vanilla, peppermint, sage, cinnamon and nutmeg – into everything from breakfast to dessert.

- BREAKFAST: Forget the butter, make your own pumpkin spice spread by adding pumpkin pie spice, canned pumpkin and brown sugar to store-bought cream cheese. If you’re serving brunch, make a cheesy bacon and egg casserole.

- LUNCH: Cranberry + ginger + mayo = the perfect holiday sandwich topping anytime, anywhere. For a special weekend lunch, use leftovers to make an ultimate leftover turkey panini or sage and turkey pot pie soup.

- DINNER: Put savory sage putter on green beans or broccoli to keep up the festivity, and for Thanksgiving, try butternut squash soup with ginger and nutmeg as a scrumptious starter. Then, serve savory herb rub roasted turkey with classic herb stuffing and apple sage turkey gravy.

- DESSERT: Add flavored whipped cream like candy cane, cocoa cinnamon or eggnog to your favorite desserts with red food coloring. Also be sure to make a decadent chocolate pecan pie for a twist on the usual with layers of rich chocolate and cinnamon.

- DRINKS: Pumpkin spiced coffee is sure to keep you warm as the temperature cools down, while melting peppermint white hot chocolate on a stick into milk for a seasonal hot chocolate will have you singing carols. If you’re looking to liven up a holiday party, there’s a peppermint-patty martini with your name on it.


To find recipes and for more simple ideas this holiday season, visit www.mccormick.com

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