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Make Handprint & Footprint Plates for Dad

Last year I really liked the idea of making a special handprint & footprint plate for my hubby for Father’s Day. I walked into one of those pottery painting places in the strip mall, and walked right back out. I had some serious sticker shock…kinda pricey.
So I found two large white plates at a thrift store and thought we could try to make our own. Of course you wouldn’t be able to eat off these but they are still cute and decorative and can be displayed in his office at work.
These white plates I bought at my thrift store for a $1 happened to be expensive fine china a brand called Narumi. Anyway, I didn’t even know that when we painted these :)
We used enamel ceramic paint.
I started with a brown footprint of my daughter’s
and turned into a monkey and palm tree!
Thanks to the Handprint & Footprint Art blog for that inspiration. It’s a wonderful place to get ideas.

For my son’s plate, I started out with two handprints and made a tie template with cardstock to trace.
I tried to make an argyle tie :) Kinda cute.
I think he will love these and they’ll look great at his office!
If you didn’t want to use plates you could always buy blank canvases at the craft store and make similar artwork.
Do you like to make things for dad too? I’d love to hear about your homemade ideas!
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  1. Great Father’s Day gift idea! I’ve included it in my roundup of best Father’s Day crafts a toddler can make :)