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Trick for Hanging Gallery Wall Displays

Today I’m sharing a clever and easy trick to hanging a “Galley Wall”.
This is a really popular trend in home decor and here is the gallery we put together in my girl’s room when we moved to Fresno 6 months ago.
I think hanging stuff on walls is HARD! It always seems like no matter how much you measure and use a leveling tool something ends up looking a little off. And are we the only couple who get grumpy at each other when hanging things?! lol
For example it usually goes something like this….. Me: “It’s not straight.” Him: “Yes it is!…Then do it yourself.”
In order to alleviate some of this, I decided to try this wax paper trick I had pinned via the blog Roost.
Basically you just figure out your arrangement on the floor and flip the picture/art over. Tape some wax paper together and place it on top of your arrangement. Then mark where the nails should go on the wax paper. The key here is to make sure all the frames are straight and level on the floor. Finally, tape the wax paper template to the wall where you want it and place your nails.
For the most part it worked great! I did have to fix the three pics with the ribbon ties. There’s a ton of tiny mess up holes on those! Ha Those are difficult!


These are all things she had in our last house. The new room was already painted this turquoise color. I wasn’t sure it was gonna look so great with her decor, but now that its all in there….Not so bad!
Since this room has less wall space I decided to hang more of a gallery wall.
My grandma gave her this sweet angel when she was born and it’s my favorite…and also the letters that a dear friend made as a baby gift.


I hope this tip is helpful the next time you need to hang  some things on your walls.






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