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Help Susi With Her Baby Library

I giggled when I got the invitation. A three-dimensional baby in a crib popped up in my hand when I opened it! It’s a baby shower, my favorite kind of party. A new mommy is about to be born -– and everytime I look at her beautiful belly, I think of the song from “Legally Blonde,” “Omigod, you guys!”

A few weeks ago, I popped in on a baby shower for my friend, Susi Schonberg-Lopez. Susi is expecting a Christmas baby, a little girl we cannot wait to meet named Anna Madeline.

I’m not gonna lie; I love the shopping for baby girls. The clothes they are designing for little ones right now are so delicious I could bite them. The Mud-pie line alone is so sweet they could sell their socks at See’s. And useful? There are even diapers that post a message on the outside to tell you it’s wet on the inside! It’s a fun afternoon for me looking at this otherworldly stuff, hugging the toys and cuddling the new, ultra-soft blankets. Unless I need to break a land-speed record for shopping, I skip the baby registries. Somehow it takes out the thrill of exploring what’s new, and of course, the treasure hunt for that perfect thing so fun to buy that it makes you talk baby babble. Although I am fascinated by all the new gadgets, I’m partial to heirloom gifts. Since Anna Madeline is coming in December, I chose a wooden advent calendar, which I filled with candy and baby gifts. The parents will get to open that gift throughout December and then be able to re-use it every Christmas.

One clever part about this shower, though, is that it was also a library shower. Everyone was asked to take a book for the baby library — love that idea.

Here are some of the divine little volumes that Susi’s friends and family wanted to be part of Anna’s childhood:

~~ “I Love You More”
~~ “Giraffes Can’t Dance”
~~ “On The Day You Were Born”
~~ “Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas”
~~ “The Velveteen Rabbit”
~~ “The Giving Tree”
So, what books would you suggest that Susi collect in her baby library? Which books — at which ages — do you and your children adore?
Susi was tickled to get each one, but she also a little bit melancholy. She is anxious to get her own favorite storybooks in German from home. What a clever Mama she is. She already knows one of the best things about being a mom and grandmom: we get to be kids all over again!

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  1. ALLLL these books are awesome. My faves?

    ~ “Go Dog GO” : Great early reader book
    ~”The Lorax” Great to read to 1st-4th graders
    ~ “Where the Wild Things Are”: My total chilhood fave
    And the all-time tear-jerker for mommies:

    “I’ll Love You Forever.” Makes me cry every time.


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