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Top 10 Voice Mails That Make Moms Scream

Vampires? Zombies? Spiders? Pfft! None of that stuff scares a mother. Voice mails and text messages? Now, that can make a mom go Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Nooooooooo! Aeuiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
~~ “Hi, Mom: We left the dance early, we’re totally in love and we’ve decided to get married in the Elvis Chapel in Vegas! See you Monday!”
~~ “Oh, Mommy, look! Grampy got me a BB gun!”
~~ “Hello, Ma’am? This is Sheriff Mims calling. I have your son here with me.”
~~ “Good afternoon! This is ‘Hoarders: Buried Alive’ calling. We would like to film your children’s playroom this afternoon.”
~~ “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Mama, me wanna be in ‘Toddwers and Tiarwas’ WITE NOW!”
~~ “Hey, babe: C’mon, let’s try for a boy one more time and make it an even dozen.”
~~ “The doctor asked me to call and let you know you will need to be on bed rest for the next four months of your pregnancy. Any questions?”
~~ “Auntie Fifi is dressing me up as ‘Pretty Woman’ for Halloween.”
~~ “Hi, little pumpkin. Daddy and I sold the house today, so we thought this would be a perfect time to visit you and the kids for a few months! We are so excited! We arrive Friday!”
~~ This is Ms. Carter from Alexandra’s class at Miss Priss Private School. Alex’s order for 200 pounds of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough has arrived. It’s so ambitious that she volunteered to sell all this before Thanksgiving!”

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  2. These are very funny, especially the one about the cookie dough!

    • mdinctown


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