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DIY Pillow Box

Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a great week! I wanted to share this little pillow box I made. I made it with scraps of paper and things I had in my craft closet. I first started making this trying to come up with a cute treat box for Halloween goodies. It turned into this and I know it doesn’t look very “Halloweenish” but I love how it turned out and you could easily make some that are more fitting for Halloween. This was free to make because I just used scraps of things I already had on hand but even if you had to buy supplies I think it would definitely be worth it because you could use it in sooo many way. This would be great for Halloween treats like I said, or as place cards for a wedding, as favors for a party, or even to hold stocking stuffers! Be on the lookout because there may be a tutorial coming soon! ;o)

via Creationz

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