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Saw this posted on a friend’s Facebook the other day along with her comment, “Amen!”

Seriously? I’d like to meet this college student. Where does he attend college? Fairyland University? This is not reality. Reality is that people ARE working their asses off. People are BEGGING for the opportunity to work their asses off. People are unemployed and underemployed not for weeks or months but for YEARS! People are lining up by the hundreds in lines that wrap around blocks for the opportunity to be hired for only a dozen or so minimum wage jobs. People are selling their cars, their wedding rings and emptying out their life savings just to pay for food, housing and utilities. People are losing their homes. People are out of milk and bread with literally only a dime to their name and no promise of income coming anytime soon. The problem isn’t that people aren’t willing to work hard – this country is full of great, smart, energetic people. The problem comes when the deck is so stacked against them that, no matter HOW smart, frugal and hard-working they are, they get kicked down to the point they can’t get up again. That is reality. That is the reality for so many people in this country. That is my reality.

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  1. Good for him/her. I can say this is a very very difficult thing to do. Consider also.. what if this person didn’t have 90% of tuition paid by scholarship? RARE! Consider also, does this person have ANY parental support? That could include the occasional meal, clothing, laundry etc. Many kids think they did it ALL on their own when in fact they underestimate the value of the meals, clothing and the seemingly nominal family support they received. Those are the things that make the difference in many cases–the difference between the true threat of homelessness and despair of a person trying to make it on their “own”. Sometimes, I too can become a little frustrated by the smug attitude of a young person who purports to have made such great achievements without the help of anyone. “I’d like to thank myself for the support, wisdom and advice I gave myself over the years. Thank me.”

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