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Jolt your wardrobe with electric blue jeans

Blue, blue electric blue – that’s the color of my jeans. Blue, blue…

Sometimes I go out on a limb with my fashion. Recently that limb was an electric blue pair of color-drenched skinny jeans by Jolt. I paired them with grey suede ankle boots, black menswear shirt worn long, crop vest with black and grey horizontal stripes and wide leather wrist cuff with button-size silver grommets.

If you want to give bright skinny jeans a try, there are a variety of hues to choose from, including blue, red and purple. Instead of matching the rest of your outfit to the bold color, juxtapose tones for a fun, current vibe. For example, red jeans look great with other jewel tones such as purple. Purple jeans will pop with gold and navy blue.

If you don’t feel super brave, choose accents that are universal such as gray (like I did), black, white or tan. No matter how you decide to wear your jewel-tone jeans one thing is for sure, wear them with hot-mama confidence because they will stand out in a crowd.

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  1. Rock those pants :p

    • hackermom76