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Pack better lunches with nifty containers

I have a dream. My dream is not only will my son eat everything I pack in his lunch, but he will look at me and in his best Oliver Twist voice say, “Please, mom, I want some more.”

Sadly, this has not come to pass. I’ve tried everything over the years. When he was in preschool I would leave a love note in every lunch box. I can’t tell you how many doodled bunnies, doggies, dinosaurs and reptiles have smiled at him from those mommy missives, pleading, “Mommy + Logan = Love. Please eat your lunch…”

Once he transitioned into grade school I just about gave up. I’d pack Goldfish, cookies and a protein bar for good measure that I don’t think he ever ate. I tried every mommy trick in the book: “If you don’t eat lunch, you won’t (fill in the blank): a.) grow, b.) be good at sports, c.) ever go to Target again.”

I can pack an organized, healthy and fun lunch with these Easy Lunchboxes containers.

I tell you, I am a broken lunch mommy. But this year is going to be different because I’ve discovered Easy Lunchboxes. These bento-style containers have put the pep back into my lunch-making mojo. Each container has three compartments, so you can pack lunch that is fun, tasty and healthy. Lids come in different colors and are easy to pop off for smaller kids. They are BPA-free, FDA-approved and dishwasher and microwave safe.

The cooler bag comes in seven different colors and is the perfect size for the lunch containers.

A set of four containers is $13.95. I recommend also ordering the cooler bag at $7.95 because the containers will not fit correctly into a traditional lunch box. Go to www.easylunchboxes.com for more information. The site also contains all kinds of recipe ideas so your kiddos will be set for the year.


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  1. I so want to do this!

  2. I SO want to do this too. The only thing stopping me? My kiddo will balk because it’s not his SpiderMan lunchbox. I need to get this, then find a way to sew Spidey on…

  3. Bento Boxes are the best lunchboxes ever. I use one myself that I got at Whole Foods. Our teenage exchange daughter was looking at lunch box options and she said right away that she wanted one just like mine. The boxes vary in colors, bells and whistles, but she got hers in basic black with blue dishes inside. She wants to put her favorite stickers on it.

    • Gail Marshall