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Bite into something new with P*DE*Q

I discovered a new delicacy in town and it’s called P*DE*Q. These donut-hole size tapioca-based cheese bread bites made me swoon when I tried them a couple weeks ago during a tasting event at the Sierra Nut House. Now I must spread the word!

P*DE*Q is a fresh take on a common Brazilian snack. They are crispy on the outside, warm on the inside and utterly amazing. You can add a sweet or savory topping to them, or eat them deliciously as is. I think my family would adore them as after-school treats or with dinner. Heck, they might even be great for school lunches.

Go to www.pdeq.net for more information on where to purchase these wheat- and gluten-free sensations. The storefront is located at 1940 N. Echo in Fresno (Tower District), but the hours are limited, so check first.

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