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Cool containers make packing fun

I like things in containers. In fact, I like containers for my containers. That’s why I think Beeline Boxes is a great idea for anyone who a) has a container fetish and b) is moving out of an old home or office and into a new one.

Beeline Boxes rents eco-friendly, reusable plastic moving boxes, wardrobe totes and other moving supplies delivered to your door. No more unstable, odd-size cardboard boxes you had to scavenge from your local grocery store!

Beeline Boxes are uniform in size for easier stacking and the heavy-duty plastic will not buckle under the weight of all those silly things you should have sold at a yard sale such as your husband’s college DJ equipment and your Chuck Norris Total Gym.

You’ll be paying about the same or less to rent these boxes as compared to buying packing supplies, but the convenience is priceless. Beeline Boxes will even pick up the empty plastic boxes when you are done.

And my favorite part of all, Beeline Boxes is a local business, so support them for goodness sakes.

Check them out at www.beelineboxes.com.


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  1. This is a brilliant idea. I love containers, too. Containers with labels all alphabetized and color coordinated — yeesh. I just may pass out! Thanks, Lisa,

    • Gail Marshall
  2. Hi Gail! Thanks! I think I’ll put myself in a container today and label it tired…

    • Lisa Birrell