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Hey, Who Took My iPad???

My first grandchild was born in July, 2008. He is always doing or saying something to entertain me!

My grandson loves my iPad!

His favorite app at the moment is Starfall. He can turn on the iPad, slide to unlock it, find the Starfall icon, and go at it!

He also likes Pocket Piano and Model Me Going Places.  While Going Places was designed for kids with autism in mind, the short stories are perfect for my grandson, too.  I just wish I had seen the “Going to the Doctor” story before his last visit!  .

I have to hide it from him so I can have a turn.

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  1. My kids LOVE my husband’s iPod touch– and I can only imagine how impossible it would be to get an iPad back from them!

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  2. Sometimes I have to wait for him to take a nap!


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