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Fun holiday craft | Paper Christmas Tree

Instead of decorating a large Christmas tree this year, we decided to make free-standing paper Christmas trees. My family and I are currently living in Tallinn, Estonia and are preparing to move over the next few weeks. While we are excited for our next adventure, it is not the most convenient time, as we are heading in to the holiday season and Christmas is officially in the air. Since it would not be practical to decorate a full-size Christmas tree for only the first 2 weeks of December, I decided to get created. I was inspired while browsing through a craft store earlier this week, and stumbling upon large sheets of cardboard-like green paper. We had a ton of fun picking out our decorations, making them and then decorating our trees. It was a two day craft extravaganza, and we loved every second of it!

Materials needed:

  • 2 large sheets of Green paper (chipboard, foam board, or anything that is sturdy enough to stand)
  • 1 large sheet of white poster paper
  • Paints, markers, crayons–any coloring materials you choose
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • 2 large gold/yellow bows

Optional creative extras:

  • Ribbon
  • Miniature bows
  • Pom poms
  • Glitter
  • Tinsel
  • Anything that would make your tree pretty and sparkly!
  • My Green paper. Select the size of your paper based on how large you want your tree to be. The height of your tree will be approximately the same height as the paper.

dsc05999 The materials…

dsc06006 dsc06007 Optional extras (we used these mini bows and sparkly pom poms)…

dsc06003 The large bows will be used for the star-like tree topper

dsc06004 Fold your 2 sheets of green paper in half. While folded, lightly draw the shape of a Christmas tree. Keep it folded and cut out your tree. When opened you should have a beautiful Christmas tree. You can then use your first tree to trace an identical shape for your second tree and cut it out. You will then have two flat Christmas trees. At this point you will mark the middle point and cut one of the trees up the middle–from the bottom of the tree to the center. You will then cut your second tree down the center line–from the top to the center. (Sorry, I could have sworn I took pictures of theses steps, but they are nowhere to be found!)

dsc06011 dsc06013 Part one of the craft is coloring the white sheets of paper. While you could choose to buy fun, festive and already colored paper, we chose to paint ours. I told my 2 year old to color the entire page, and divided my 5 year old’s paper into individual squares so that she could create designs for her ornaments. I used a quarter to judge the size of the squares.

dsc06015 dsc06021 dsc06029 They created these wonderful masterpieces, and I cut them into circles for the ornaments. My circles were nowhere near to being perfect, but they were nickel-quarter size

dsc06039 dsc06042 Part two involved gluing the fun stuff to the trees. I placed dots of glue all over the tree and they placed the ornaments. We did this mostly because my 2 year old is not quite at the point where she could glue, without making a complete mess, by herself.

dsc06043 dsc06053 Having fun…

dsc06067 dsc06073 Now, slide your tree together and use your tape to tape the two pieces together at the top and bottom. This will hold them in place, and voila…we have a tree!!

dsc06086 dsc06088 dsc06089 I used a scrap of the green paper and taped it to the top of the tree so that there was about and inch sticking up on top. I then took the two large bows and stuck them together around the inch of overhang. It was perfect for the tree topper…

dsc06093 dsc06095 The girls are so proud of their trees and we had a blast making them. So whether we move in time to get our BIG tree or not this year, at least we have our made-with-love trees to enjoy!

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