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Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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Social Security Q&A: Are there special services for blind, disabled?

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Farms seeing a bumper crop of weddings, but not without their hitches

PHILADELPHIA - When Kendall Dietterich and her six siblings were growing up on Freeman School Farm in Schwenksville, Pa., the whole family would pitch in, ...

Balancing Act: ‘Mom, who do you like best?’

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House Call: When stuttering persists in children, seek help

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Even if you could go home again, it wouldn’t be the same

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Milestone Paranoia: Why we get it and how to deal

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Soccer player journeys to elite club so she can reach her ultimate goals

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Consistent consequences: How to help kids learn to be responsible

Back in sixth grade, my teacher devised a system to keep our class in line. He divided a bulletin board into halves and wrote "Responsible" ...

Best 5 zombie movies of all time

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O.C. teen recalls her brush with West Nile virus: ‘Everything just hurt’

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