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Christmas Music: What’s your favorite holiday tune?

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Wisconsin professor among late learners of hunting

Steve Dembski lives in Madison, Wis., close enough to work to walk.Click to Continue »

Bow hunter gets an up-close look at the turkeys he pursues

Looking for proof of John Braun's success bow hunting turkeys? Study his photo gallery, which shows him posing with each of the 29 birds he ...

Ana Veciana-Suarez: Think before you dial, text, FaceTime, Skype, chat

One of the great wonders of the modern era is the fact that we can pretty much reach anyone at any time, regardless of distance, ...

Lori Borgman: Hardware mystery down the drain

The entire family was here recently, 14 in all including six crumb-crunchers under the age of 5. We had a joint birthday party for two ...

For LGBT community, dealing with dementia is a challenge

Dementia is terrible for everyone, but elderly people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender - LGBT - face extra problems, says Ed Bomba, communications ...

For babies who can’t grow hair or teeth, a cure might be on the way

When Mary Kaye Richter's son was diagnosed, she could only find a few paragraphs about hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which inhibits the growth of teeth, hair ...

A parenting nightmare is when your daughter has an accident 4,000 miles from home

You never want somebody else's face to pop up on a video call from your daughter's cell number.Click to Continue »

Ex-etiquette: When adults use juvenile slurs

Q: I've been living with my girlfriend and her two kids for about six months. Everything is okay between us, however, it really bothers me ...

Chris Erskine: Fourth time’s the charm with this bonus boy of 11

A boy. A dad. A mid-April hike.Click to Continue »

The Parent ‘Hood: When friends move away

Q: Your 10-year-old daughter's BFF is moving away. How do you help her cope?Click to Continue »